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Watch live presentations from the Membership and Classes tabs.

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Live Room:

There are live presentations throughout the regular trading day hours each weekday. 

To access live presentations on a mobile device, select an active class or membership button from the memberships tab. 

On Apple iOS, this tab is called the "trading rooms" tab. 

The "Enter Room" screen will appear. 

Enter a your name or nickname that you want other people in the chat to see and select "Enter". 

The presentation screen for that class or membership will appear. You will hear any audio or video being presented at the time. 

Depending on your WiFi connection speed, the room may take a moment to buffer and completely load.

The current presenter's name will appear in the upper right of the window. 

When the live room window appears, the "Screen" button at the bottom will be the default active button. 

Clicking on the presenters name in the upper right corner of the window will display all the presenters who are actively sharing their screens. 

If you hear the audio from one presenter and the video does not seem to match, you may be displaying the screen of a different presenter. 

The "Alerts" button at the bottom of the live room will display alerts for the current presentation. 

In this case, we are in the Options membership and only alerts for the Options membership will display. 

The "Chat" button will display the current chat session for that live room.

Selecting the "Users" button: 

Any users in the live session will display on the screen.

The name of the current presenter will be displayed in the upper left corner. 

The "Users" button at the bottom will have a number that shows how many people are currently logged into that room. 

Click on the "Room Files" button to reveal any files shared by a presenter. 

In this example, there are images, PDF documents and a text file. 

Tap on the blue link for the file to open it. 

For memberships that have a live trading schedule, the "Schedule" tab will display the lineup of presenters for that day.  

Select the "Schedule" button to show the current schedule for that live room. 

In the Settings / Preferences tab, notifications may be turned on and off for that individual live room. 

If you wish to listen to a live presentation, but don't need to see the video, to save battery power, audio or video may be toggled on or off here for that individual live room.  

To log out of the live room, tap on the 3 horizontal line icon at the top left of the screen.

To confirm leaving the live room, tap on the icon to the left of where it says "Leave Room" at the bottom of the screen. 


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