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What is the Multi Squeeze indicator, and how it is used.

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Multi Squeeze

What is it? 

The Multi-Squeeze indicator allows traders to see squeeze setups on multiple time-frames all in one look. The Multi-Squeeze Indicator plots in the top left corner of your active chart and dynamically finds squeeze setups across many time-frames.

Having multiple squeezes in play increases the probability that a symbol will have a price expansion when the squeezes begin to fire.

Time-frames that are in a squeeze are shown in red and time-frames that do not have a squeeze, or have a squeeze that has already fired, are shown in green.

The Multi-Squeeze indicator shows you, at a glance, where the opportunities for rapid price expansion are in the market.

How we use it?

We all understand the power of trading with a squeeze. Price compression leads to price expansion and, as directional options traders, we need to take advantage of those opportunities when they arise.

We use the Multi-Squeeze indicator as a way to get a snapshot, at a glance, to see how many, and on what timeframes, a symbol may have a squeeze setup.

The strongest squeezes happen when there is a long-term squeeze, such as a weekly or daily, that is backstopped by shorter-term squeezes such as the 2-hr and hourly.

These setups can create cascades of directional buying or selling and very quickly being able to see and process this information via the Multi-Squeeze Indicator is one of the strongest signals we trade.

After building your understanding of the squeeze and its uses, you may want to focus on finding sets up where there are nested squeezes or squeezes setting up on multiple time frames. Check out the video for a quick walk through with John Carter of how to embrace the multi squeeze as an indicator that should be on your charts too. 

Multi Squeeze in TOS

Multi Squeeze in Trading View (see availability below)

Multi Squeeze is available on TOS.

A limited version is available on Trading View for those who have purchased it for another platform.

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