Here is a helpful video walking you through scaling a chart in TOS so that indicators like Voodoo Lines don't look compressed or unreadable. 


Using Voodoo lines and Ready Aim Fire as an example,  if your chart looks smashed and unreadable like this:


Instead of looking like this: 


Then, left click on the price axis settings menu.
Choose Auto and un-check Fit Studies



Alternately, your may follow the following steps to make the correction. 


What is required is a quick configuration change and scaling of the charts.

Step 1: Click on the chart settings gear wheel above the chart.
Step 2: Click on the Price Axis Tab in the top left of the Chart Settings window.
Step 3: UN-CHECK the Fit Studies check box.
Step 4: Make sure Scale is set to Auto.
From the price axis settings tab, ensure that you are set to Auto and that you UN-check the Fit Studies checkbox.

You can also get to these settings by clicking Price Axis Settings icon in the top right corner of your TOS chart (see above).


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