John's Indicators

You may have heard, John uses a combination of indicators and market internals across his 6 monitors that he looks at daily. As you know each trader should decide what is most important to them to have on their own charts, and what works best for them.

His core setup includes the following free indicators:

Additionally, John uses the following premium indicators that aren’t included in the below link.

Basic chart layout:

Below is a link to the shared chart which will get you set up with the basic chart setup, look and feel which you will see on John's charts.

Below is a shared link TOS, copy and paste this shared link into Thinkorswim (TOS):

Please go to: Setup > Open Shared item > paste link into Shared item URL: > Open

Label Studies:

For John's Small Account Mastery he will use a chart with multiple custom label studies available to Small Account class or mastery members.


John Carter - Trading Journal

John Carter - Small Account Mastery (SAM)

John Carter - Mastering the Trade

John Carter - Where can I see John's trades?

John Carter - How to Set-up John's Average True Range (ATR)

Where can I see John Carter's trades?

Early In-n-Out Pro indicator Settings for TOS

Early In-N-Out Indicator

About - Voodoo Lines

About - HOLB LOHB (aka: Reversal Arrows)

About - Ready.Aim.Fire! PRO

About - Multi Squeeze


Early In/Out Pro

Available On: ThinkorSwim, TradeStation

Squeeze Pro

Multi-Squeeze Pro

Reversal Arrows

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