Many of our Thinkorswim indicators have an ability to provide you some sort of alert based on the signals being generated. While these alerts are extremely helpful, they can a nuisance if you are not interested in an audible reminder. 

Luckily these can be enabled and disabled quickly and easily. There are just a few clicks which will get this task accomplished for you and the process is almost always the same for each of our indicators provided for TOS. 

These alerts are different than ones you may be able to create in your platform.

This article will walk through the example of disabling the alerts for the ST Top Hat Indicator since by default out of the box, these alerts are enabled. 

Steps Outline: 

  1. Apply the indicator to your chart.

  2. Open the Customizing window.

  3. Locate the Alerts Settings.

  4. Enable or Disable the alert. 

Add the Indicator to your chart 

Apply the indicator to your chart from the Edit Studies window. 

Open the Customizing window for the Study 

Select the Gear Icon to the right of the Indicator once is has been applied to your chart.

Find the Alerts Settings section

The Alerts Settings are located at the bottom of the Customizing window for the indicator. Scroll to the Alerts area in the Customizing window to locate the alerts settings.

Scroll to the bottom of the window if necessary and open the Alerts settings by clicking on the arrow to next to the text "alerts". 

Toggle the Settings to Enable or Disable

Once you have clicked the Arrow you will notice it change directions and open the Alerts settings for editing.

Top Hats for this example.

Bottom Hats for this example.

Toggle the Enable box to enable or disable the alert. This same setting can be changed for both Top Hats and Bottom Hats in this example. But all of our indicators with alerts will be able to be edited this way.

This process must be repeated for each chart the indicator is applied to in order for the alerts to function properly. It is not a platform wide setting and must be done on each chart.


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