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Use a shared link to open, save and recall a shared chart grid or flexible chart grid.
Use a shared link to open, save and recall a shared chart grid or flexible chart grid.

Use a TOS share link to load indicators, charts, watchlist custom columns or scans.

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With a few clicks of a button, you're able to easily load a shared chart or workspace to or from anyone.

Shared links in TOS always have the format where "abcdef" can be a combination of number and upper and lower case letters. Shared links are case sensitive.

Step 1

Copy the link

  • Left click on the shared link.

  • A window will open.

  • Click on the + (plus sign) next to To Open Manually.

  • Left click on the link.

  • Follow the instructions.

Step 2

Open TOS

  • In the Thinkorswim main window, left click on Setup in the upper right corner.

  • From the drop-down menu, click on Open Shared Item

Step 2

Paste and Open

Use CTRL + V on your keyboard. Mac users use the Command (apple) + V.

Make sure there are no spaces before or after the link you paste or it may not load. 

Click  Preview, then Open.  

The link you import into TOS may be a chart, flexgrid, scan, workspace or custom watchlist column.

Step 3


If you import a shared chart, save it. Left click on the Chart Grid Menu icon at the top right of the window. Select Save grid as

From there give your grid a title and select "OK". You can now open the grid in your platform without needing the shared link again.

Go to the same menu where you saved it to load it anytime.

If you have imported a Flexible Grid, the menu to save and recall your chart will also be in the upper right of the flex grid window.

Recall the chart or flexible grid from the same menu that you saved it from.

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