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How to install Voodoo Lines onto my TOS platform.
How to install Voodoo Lines onto my TOS platform.

Below are step by step instructions on how to install the Voodoo Lines.

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After purchasing the Voodoo Lines, you'll be sent the initial installer along with installation instructions. Each month a new Voodoo Lines update will be released providing an updated symbols list. Currently, with ThinkorSwim you'll have to manually add the update for each release, but luckily this is pretty straight forward. Follow the instructions below as it will explain step-by-step how the Voodoo Lines are installed in ThinkorSwim:

Please click button for a complete video walk-thru on how to install Voodoo Lines into the TOS platform. 

If you would still like step-by-step instructions please see instructions below. 

  1. First, open the email you received from Simpler Trading. In the example below, the email is for the recent update but the download and install process will be the same. Click the link in the email as indicated by the ACCESS NOW button in the image below

2. When you click the link from the email, you'll be taken to your downloads page.     By clicking one of the download links, it will initiate the download:

3. After the file has finished downloading, open up ThinkorSwim and click "Studies" found under the "Charts" tab:

4.  After selecting "Edit Studies" a new window should appear with the list of available studies. Towards the bottom left hand side of the window, select "Import.":

5. After clicking "Import" a new window should appear. In this window, you'll need to select the "Downloads" folder from the drop down menu. This can be found by choosing the user's name as shown below: 

6A) A window may appear and ask if you want to replace the current file. Click "Yes". This will overwrite the Voodoo Lines in TOS and replace it with the version you are importing. 

7) After selecting "Open" this should have successfully imported the Voodoo Lines into your list of available studies. At the top left hand corner of the studies window, make sure the "Studies" tab is selected. There is a field for entering a search term, enter "TTM." Left click in the blank search box and enter your search term. After doing so, you should see the TTM_Voodoo_lines in the list. Double click the Voodoo Lines to add them to your charts:

8)  After double clicking the Voodoo Lines indicator, you should now see it available on the right hand side along with any of the other indicators currently plotted. At the bottom right hand side of the window, choose "Apply" and "OK.":

9) After clicking "OK" you should now be back at your charts with the Voodoo Lines plotted:

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