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Below is a description of the Vprofile Indicator.

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What is it?

The VProfile which plots the Point of Control, Value Area High, and Value Area

Low from a specified time.

The VProfile indicator is a lightweight tool designed to display two key metrics from a volume profile of the price action from the designated anchor point. The indications shown are the Volume Point of Control (VPOC), also called the Peak Volume Price, as well as the Value Area (VA). The VPOC is the location within the charted area of interest with the highest volume traded at that price. That is, if we put a traditional Volume Profile indicator on the chart, the highest point on that profile is represented by the VPOC. The Value Area is a range of prices around the VPOC which encompass approximately 70% of all the volume traded in the entire profile.

The VProfile volume profile study continually looks for the current Point of Control (POC) and then plots the Value Area High (VAH) and Value Area Low (VAL) throughout the day using the industry standard of 70%. With VProfile, price returns to the center POC line (reversion to the mean). Raghee prefers three simple lines to monitor these levels and that is why the VPofile is very streamlined to help traders...

  • Find the levels that institutions follow.

  • Identify trends that most traders don’t see.

  • Daytrade futures like the S&P and NASDAQ.

  • And more.

Setting Anchors

There are two versions of the VProfile. One is designed for daily charts and may be anchored to any date present on the chart (i.e. there must be a bar on the chart corresponding to the date you choose). This is the VProfile End of Day tool. The second version is designed for use on Intraday charts and may be anchored to any time present on the chart. This is the VProfile Intraday tool.

VWAP Max- Settings and Display TOS

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