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About - Multi-Cross Indicator
About - Multi-Cross Indicator

Quickly identify which moving averages are stacked in your favor with the ST Multi-Cross indicator.

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There is a real power of a price comes from the confluence of trend alignment across multiple time frames. When the tide rolls in, it raises the water level for all of the boats on the water. This indicator helps you to keep an eye on whether or not the tide is rolling in your favor with respect to the boat i.e. stock you may be in at the time. Knowing what the status is on higher time frames is also a key feature for the Multi Cross Indicator. This tool allows for you to keep an eye on the other time frames above your chart in order to understand whether the moving averages are stacked with your sentiment, against it, or maybe at a turning point. In all cases, it is useful to know this information when looking for an edge in trading.  

How to read the ST Multi Cross Indicator: 

You will notice in the upper left corner on TOS, once the indicator is applied, the indicator should appear as boxes which show you the status of moving average crosses. This allows you to quickly identify whether or not you are on the same side as the tide so to speak for overall technical analysis. What you are going to be keeping an eye on is the color which is your status indicator, letting you know if moving averages are stacked bullish, bearish or perhaps at a cross point and maybe setting up for a cross. Each color allow you to make decisions quickly and accurately based upon your trading plan. 

Bullish EMA Crosses

Bearish EMA Crosses

Currently Crossing - Bullish

Currently Crossing - Bearish


The premise is to use multiple time frames with 5/21 period ema crossovers on multiple time frames. For 30m and 60m also add a 5/10 for additional granularity. This allows a visual way to see triggers forming on progressively higher time frames as each lower time frame is showing the stock's direction and momentum change as crosses appear. Especially valid off an expected pivot such as a fib or Snow line (crosses are shown by the indicator turning yellow then green over the multiple time frames.) The goal is to detect pattern shifts early and find setups earlier with good stop outs based on the lower time frame supports (expecting to see lower lows and higher high patterns on lower time frames.) If it takes out a lower low, that is a potential exit signal, and you can always choose to get back in. You are only one commission payment away from another entry when you have a new confirmation/trigger on a trade. 

How to Configure a Multi-Time Frame label study on TOS

Settings - Multi Cross indicator on Tradestation

Settings - Multi Cross indicator on TOS

How to Configure a Multi-Time Frame label study on TOS

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