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What is in the Simpler mobile app?

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There are 5 sections or "Tabs" in the mobile app that give you access to various functions and content. 

The alerts tab: 

The alerts tab will display all alerts from any membership or class that you have access to. 

The membership tab:

The membership tab is shown as the "trading rooms" tab on Apple devices and as the "membership" tab on android devices.
Click on any active membership to enter the live room.  

The home tab:

 The home tab is the default tab when you start the Simpler Trading Mobile app.

Watch daily free and premium videos. 

The Classes tab:

 The classes tab will show any classes that have currently live content and also free live webinars. 

Tap on any currently ongoing class or webinar to see live content.

The Menu tab:

The menu tab contains account, notification, and other settings.

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Mobile App - Home Tab

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Mobile App - Menu Tab

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