Why is there a discrepancy on my mobile app and the platform on my computer?

There are 5 Simpler Trading indicators that come with the TOS trading platform.
TOS is the only platform that provides any Simpler products that are "free" to use.

Five indicators, TTM_LRC, TTM_ScalperAlert, TTM_Squeeze, TTM_Trend and TTM_Wave are actually provided directly by TOS.

Any indicator with a padlock or copyright symbol next to it in the Edit Studies and Strategies window is protected by TOS and wholly provided from within their system. 

Many Simpler Trading indicators are too complicated to function properly, or at all, on mobile devices and as such we do not provide technical support for our indicators on 3rd party mobile platforms. 

Since the these 5 indicators are provided directly by TOS, they should be able to provide some support for them on their mobile app.





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