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About - Moxie Indicator
About - Moxie Indicator

What is the Moxie indicator?

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The Moxie Indicator was developed by TG Watkins and is his primary trading tool.
The indicator helps him to reliably time entries and exits.


Trading View

The TG’s trading principles, can be applied to any time frame, however Moxie looks at specific time frames as taught by TG in his strategy sessions.

TG looks at multiple time frames at once and blends them to get a greater insight and better understanding of market moves.

TG has a simple step by step entry method that includes his Moxie Indicator, key moving averages, and price.

The Moxie Indicator is a great tool when looking for divergences. 

These divergences show us the positive or negative energy that is actually inside price and cannot be seen as clearly without the Moxie Indicator.

The Moxie Indicator is an energy / momentum-based indicator and represents the internal strength of a particular market. The height above or below the zero line can be thought of how much gas is in the tank.

The Moxie Indicator also does a great job at informing us when to stay out of a trade, therefore reducing our chancing of entering on a false or fake-out move. Moxie excels in trending markets and can tell you when to stay out of choppy markets.

It can even indicate when a move that looks strong, is actually built on weakness and should be traded with more caution. 

The Moxie Indicator's color coding and unique stair-stepping give the trader better visual cues to identify the strength and power of a move.

Platform availability: 

TOS Trading View and Stockcharts.

Purchase Moxie HERE.

How to install the Moxie Indicator:

Moxie Indicator - Moxie Time frames

Moxie Indicator Trader Glossary & Checklist

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