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Settings - Multi Cross indicator on TOS
Settings - Multi Cross indicator on TOS

Configure the Multi-Cross study for multiple time frames on TOS

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Add up to 18 instances of default version of the indicator on your TOS chart. 

Open the edit studies and strategies window. 

In the Edit Studies and Strategies window, add the Multi-Cross indicator up to 18 times on your chart. 

Change time frames to be these parameters and order:

Monthly 5/21

Weekly 5/21

Four day 5/21

Three day 5/21

Two Day 5/21

Day 5/21 and 5/10

4 Hour 5/21 and 5/10

2 Hour 5/21 and 5/10

Hourly 5/21 and 5/10

30min 5/21 and 5/10

20min 5/21 and 5/10

15min 5/21 and 5/10

10min 5/21 and 5/10

5min 5/21 and 5/10

4min 5/21 and 5/10

3min 5/21 and 5/10

2min 5/21 and 5/10

1min 5/21 and 5/10

In the settings of each individual instance of the indicator, change the time frame to reflect the screen shots below. 

Monthly to 1 hours:

30 minutes to 1 minute: 

When complete it will look like this -

Settings - Multi Cross indicator on Tradestation

How to Configure a Multi-Time Frame label study on TOS

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