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TOS indicator will not import
TOS indicator will not import

Opening / installing TOS file gives an error, it looks corrupted or missing or opens as a video file. Change / rename the file.

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The way a TOS indicator file is named is important. Changing the name of a TOS file may cause it to not import. 

There is no difference between a TOS indicator file for MAC and for PC.
The exact same file will work on both types of computers.

Issue Number One:

TOS files use the same file extension as media files.

Your operating system and browser will see the TOS indicator as a media file.

Media player opens to play the file and you get an error message.


DO NOT open TOS files directly. 

If you click on a TOS download link and you get a media won't play error message, then right-click on the link and from the drop-down menu choose Save as.

To prevent this from occurring, be sure to import the indicator directly into TOS by opening the "Edit Studies and Strategies" window and click on the "Import" button. 

Issue Number Two:

FILE IS MISNAMED: This is common because users download the file more than once and then delete the original file. 

The subsequent downloaded files are automatically renamed named by your computer with a (#) added at the end of the name of the file. 

TOS Files must have the following, otherwise the file will be unrecognizable to ThinkorSwim.

  • Have no spaces

  • Have a .ts extension

  • End in capital letters STUDY  or  STUDY.ts   

(DO NOT ADD THE .TS to the file name if you don't see it.)

Example of a wrong file name. 



To prevent this from happening, try not to download the same file multiple times.

Example of a correct file name. 

Issue Number Three:

FILE IS IN DIFFERENT FOLDER: Also common is that the user is not versed in navigating the file structure/directory of their computer OR they believe the file to be in a different folder than it actually is.


To prevent this from happening once downloaded be sure to check the file path.

In this example, the indicator is in the "Downloads" folder.
We know this because "Downloads" is the last folder in the file path.

In the screenshot below we know that:
The ST_TopHatSTUDY.ts file is in the Downloads folder (it is the last folder listed left to right at the top of the window).
The Downloads folder is in the Trader Folder.
The Trader folder is in the Users Folder.
The Users folder is on the Main (C:) drive.
The Main (C:) drive is on on the computer.  

Knowing where the file is, return to the edit studies and strategies window and locate the file. 



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