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Moxie Indicator - Moxie Time frames
Moxie Indicator - Moxie Time frames

The Moxie indicator takes advantage of specific times

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Moxie Time Frames

One Moxie indicator, multiple time frames.


Trading View

In the below screenshot, the Moxie indicator suite for TOS consists of 2 studies.

On Trading View:

Moxie Time Frames:

The one minute time period has been added to the Moxie Time Frames.

  • 1 minute

  • 2 minute

  • 5 minute

  • 15 minute

  • Hourly

  • Daily

  • Weekly

If your chart is set to any time frame other than the above, Moxie may not display correctly.

15 minutes chart High / Low setting

There is an input in the Moxie settings that is specific to 15 minute charts. Depending on the market of the 15 minute time frame, the input for the Moxie on the 15 minute chart should be manually set appropriately. This only applies to a 15 minute chart.


Trading View

Moxie Price Signals companion study

The price signal companion study is available on TOS and Trading View.

Moxie Price Signals will print arrows below or above price bars for when the moxie indicator has crossed it's zero line. The arrows will print until a new stair step of the Moxie indicator forms. Arrows only mean moxie has crossed the zero line and are not indicative of strength, momentum, etc.

There is only one Moxie indicator and one Moxie Price Signal study is needed.

This screenshot is a daily chart. The Moxie Price Signals Daily is applied to the chart.

Moxie Price Signals populate in the price section of the chart. The Moxie indicator populates in the lower.

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