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About - Triple Squeeze Indicator
About - Triple Squeeze Indicator

Identify strong alignment in over all market conditions with the ST Triple Squeeze Indicator.

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What is the Triple Squeeze? 

The Triple Squeeze is a uniquely powerful indicator since it allows you to identify areas of highly correlated movement in the markets. With the ability to look at 10 individual lines at the same time is a powerful view into what the rest of the ocean (market)  is doing as you track and trade your individual wave (stock, EFT, future, etc). When it comes to trading, you most definitely want to move with the flow of the markets rather than against it. Knowing what the rest of the market is doing, Sector, ETF, Index, Currencies, etc, are all part of this understanding. When you're looking at a chart, you want to be able to quickly identify if your symbol is moving with or against the over all markets.  

How do I read the Triple Squeeze?

Looking at the Triple Squeeze can seem daunting. But once you have it configured for your trading plan, it will become key to trading with consistency going forward. Focus on clarity around the configuration. What you want to have in your view are the correlated sectors, ETF's, indexes or any other confluent underlying such as companion stocks and so on. This will quickly allow you to be able to tell when the right moment is to enter a trade, and like wise when to stay away from the idea since there is no actual strength behind the move. 

Red Dots:

 The red dots identify periods on the time frame displayed where the symbol/underlying listed on the right is in a squeeze and potentially setting up for a greater than expected move. 

Green Dots:

 Area where you see green dots simply mean there is not a squeeze setting up in and you do not have any coiling strength or a potential move.

Symbol Bubble:

 These bubbles will quickly let you know which line belongs to which symbol. 

How can I trade with the Triple Squeeze Indicator? 

When trading with the indicator, as mentioned you want to see alignment with the over all market in order to gain the most movement from a potential pop or drop in price. These moments in time are where you have an opportunity to build a position and take advantage of the near term movement based on the alignment of the squeeze across different vehicles.


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