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TOS - How do I change the colors of my indicator?
TOS - How do I change the colors of my indicator?

Is it possible to change the colors of the indicator? MY background and the indicator color are not comfortable together.

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Changing the color

If you want to change the color of the indicator on the chart, open the indicator's customizing window. 

1 - Click on the Edit Studies icon. (looks like the bottom half of an hour glass)

2 - Colors may be changed in the Plots tab or the Globals section. 

3 - In this example we are changing the color of the blue candles on the Early In-N-Out indicator.  

4 - The new color will now display on the chart.  



Edit Studies and Strategies > Settings icon (gear wheel) > Global or tab color



How can I change the Chart Scale Settings in Thinkorswim:


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