"Hi, I bought the Multi 10x on Steroids class. I noticed last night on John's charts he had a DMI (14,25) setting on his charts.

I have a previous chart set up for him from another class. I imported the 10x indicator with no problem. But the previous DMI

setup he gave us was DMI (14,Wilders) for TOS. How do I remove the Wilders and add the 25 in the settings?

I have imported the new indicators with no problems....just need to revise the DMI setting." 

Answer: Within your TOS platform on the "Edit Studies and Strategies" screen you will see a gear wheel next to your indicator. Please click the gear wheel, that will open up the indicator customization screen. From the indicator customization screen you will be able to adjust the "DMI Length" and the "Average Type". I have posted pictures below that will assist. 

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