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Room Drive - Where do I find it?
Room Drive - Where do I find it?

Where is the file I can download in the live room?

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How to access the Room Drive: 

Traders / presenters in will sometimes place a folder, image, files or even a free study as a download for members of that membership. To find that file and download it, go to the roomdrive of that membership's live room. See below.

1) Go to memberships

2) In the Member dashboard, left click on the "Enter a Trading Room Button" in the upper left corner of the page.

3) Choose a live room from the drop down menu and sign in. You may have one or several choices to choose from. 

4) Once in the live room, click on the folder icon in the top right of the window. 

5) The Room Drive window popup will appear. You can scroll up or down in the window and choose to download a file there. 


How to Navigate your Member Dashboard

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