Moxie Indicator Settings on TOS

15 minute setting

If using Moxie on a 15 minute chart, switch the input in the Moxie settings to High or Low as appropriate to the chart.

The High is slower but stronger and pairs well with the Hourly and Daily charts.
The Low is more nimble and pairs well with the 5 and 2 min for shorter term trades.

Line weight

To change the line weight / size of the Moxie Indicator Price Signals:

  • Open the Edit Studies and Strategies window. 

  • Click on the gear wheel / cog to the right of the name of the indicator. 

  • Choose the crossing above or crossing below arrow tabs. 

  • Left click on Width

  • In the below screenshot, the green crossing above arrows have been changed to a width of 5 (largest). The default is 1 (smallest). 

Changing color

If you want to change the color of the arrows, just click on the Change Plot Color swatch in the indicator's settings window. 

To change the color of the lower Moxie Indicator study, follow the same instructions as above to open the Edit Studies and Strategies window. 

  • Click on the arrow next to Globals to reveal the Globals settings. 

  • Left click on the color swatch and choose a color. 

The Moxie Indicator color will change to the color you choose from the color swatch in the Globals setting. 


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