Checking to see your version of Voodoo

If you use a platform other than TOS, your Voodoo lines are automatically updated. 


If you use TOS, see below. 


To see what version of Voodoo lines you have, load the the indicator on your chart and go to the ticker symbol SPY.

Once you load the SPY symbol, there will be a label shown in the upper left corner of the chart area. 

If you have a monthly subscription to Voodoo Lines, you can download and install the Stock Update to Voodoo lines that includes both futures and stocks.
The label will show as VL Stock Updated 

If you do not have a monthly subscription,  you can download and install the Base Update to Voodoo lines that includes futures, forex and ETFs.
The label will show as VL Updated 

If you do not see a label showing in the upper left of the chart area when on the SPY ticker symbol, check the settings of the Voodoo Lines. 

Left click on Show Label and make sure SPY Only or All is selected. 


The Voodoo lines are updated on an as needed basis and typically there is an update every 4 to 8 weeks for subscribers and typically longer for non-subscribers.

To update Voodoo lines, go to the installation / download page you were provided by Simpler Trading in your original download email, or contact support for the link to the download page to get the most updated version. 


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