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Turbo VZO configuration and settings
Turbo VZO configuration and settings

Change Turbo Volume Zone Oscillator custom inputs and colors.

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Default display of VZO


Customization window

Various settings may be adjusted to change the look of the indicator. 



The VZO oscillator period in bars / candles. 

Minor sell value:
Value a which overbought color range begins

Minor buy value:
Value a which oversold color range begins

Minor major range:
Set the distance of the major overbought and oversold values from the minor values. 



Plots and Globals


Change line weight, colors, and enable/disable display of Chop Zone, overbought, and oversold lines.

Some tabs in plots are disabled by default. To enable the display for certain tabs, click on the tab and then click the check box "Show plot". 


Globals - Colors Tab

Change the color of the oscillator. 



Custom settings and configuration for TOS indicators



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