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Mobile app - Video will not play on Apple device.
Mobile app - Video will not play on Apple device.

Video playback on the app is not functioning. Playback issues on Apple iPhone or iPad.

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Daily Videos

Apple device users in the past needed to click on the "Click here to play externally" link below the daily videos from the mobile app. That is no longer the case. Videos should now play on all compatible Apple devices by tapping on the video. 

Chat room archives

Chatroom archives, member webinars and other recorded content should be viewed from a web browser on the mobile app. Google Chrome is recommended.

Formats used by simpler trading are .webm and mp4.

Apple has not adopted the Google .webm format, therefore any video in that format will not play on your apple mobile device, but will play on your computer. If Apple chooses to support the .webm format in the future, then those videos will play on your Apple mobile device.

Most all videos are now posted in the .mp4 format that Apple devices can play. However, there are a number of older videos posted in .webm, as well as newer videos occasionally that may not be available to post in .mp4 will be posted in .webm format.

Ways to view recorded and live video from Simpler Trading

Mobile App - Global Device Settings to enable Alerts on Apple IOS devices

Mobile App - Supported devices and versions (compatibility)

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