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About - Multi Histogram
About - Multi Histogram

What is the Multi Histogram multi-time frame label indicator.

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Multi Histogram

What is it?

The Multi Histogram is a multi label study allowing traders to see the current state of the Squeeze and the Squeeze Pro's histogram on multiple higher time frames simultaneously.

Up to 18 labels on a chart are possible.

View the current state of the histogram across multiple time frames on one chart.

The histogram on the Squeeze and the Squeeze Pro is the same.

What is it telling me?

Colors of the labels correspond to the bars of the Squeeze and Squeeze Pro Histograms.
- Blue is momentum above zero but decreasing
- Cyan is momentum above zero and increasing
- Red means momentum is below zero and increasing to the downside
- Yellow means momentum below the zero line and is rising.

Below, we see the Multi Histogram label study on the top, and the Squeeze Pro on the bottom.

Multi Histogram and Squeeze Pro are sold separately.

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