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What is the Multi 10X, multi-time frame / label indicator

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Multi 10X

The Multi 10X indicator and 10X indicator are studies that are sold separately.

What is the Multi 10X?

The Multi 10X is a multi time frame label study allowing traders to see the current state of the 10X indicator on multiple higher time frames simultaneously.

Up to 18 labels on a chart are possible.

What is it telling me?

In the below image, the 10X label study is the study painting the candles yellow, red and green, however, the Multi 10x study is the labels across the top of the chart.

Multi 10X labels represent the current state of the 10X in current and higher time frames relative to the ticker / time frame that the chart is set to.

Multi 10X labels and their corresponding colors are showing the current state of the 10X indicator on their respective time frames.

For instance, in the below image, the green M (monthly) label shows there is a green 10X candle currently on this ticker in the monthly time frame.

The yellow D (daily) label shows there is a yellow 10X candle currently on this ticker in the daily time frame.

The red 4H (4 hour) label shows there is a red 10X candle currently on this ticker in the 4 hour time frame.

Green labels indicate conviction to the upside. Red indicates conviction to the downside. Yellow indicates no strong directional conviction.

Note that trend and conviction are not the same. The 10X study measures market conviction, not necessarily trend. Therefore, do not consider the Multi 10X or the 10X studies to be specifically indicators showing trend. 10X is more specifically a market conviction indicator.

To understand the Multi 10X indicator, it is important to understand the 10X indicator. See link here:

There are additional labels included in the Multi 10X. Those are the cyan HOLB buy and yellow LOHB sell signals. See below image from the Mutli 10X settings window.

See more on HOLB / LOHB here:

HOLB buy and LOHB sell labels will appear between the Multi 10X labels as cyan 'B' buy or yellow 'S' sell signals an are associated with the time frame to the left as in the below image.

The below image is a one minute chart loading 30 days of data. The Multi 10X labels show a HOLB reversal arrow is on the current candle of the 3 minute and 4 minute charts, and another LOHB reversal arrow on the currently forming candle of the weekly chart.

The below image is of the 3 minute chart and the Multi 10X labels show there is a HOLB/LOHB reversal arrow on the currently forming candle of this time frame.

Arrows showing above and below the bars are displayed be the HOLB/LOHB Reversal arrows study. The Multi 10X will only display the cyan buy and yellow sell labels, not the arrows.

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