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Moxie Indicator - Settings on Trading View
Moxie Indicator - Settings on Trading View

How to adjust the settings of the Moxie indicator.

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Moxie Indicator Settings on Trading View

15 minute setting

If using Moxie on a 15 minute chart, switch the input in the Moxie settings to High or Low as appropriate to the chart.

The High is slower but stronger and pairs well with the Hourly and Daily charts.
The Low is more nimble and pairs well with the 5 and 2 min for shorter term trades.

Line weight and color

To change the line weight / size of the Moxie Indicator Price Signals:

Line weight

  • Click on the settings gear wheel in the upper right of the study's section of the chart.

  • Choose Style

  • Click on Color 0 or Color 1 to change the green and red Moxie line widths respectively.

  • Choose the line weight desired at the bottom of the Style window.

Changing Color

Color of the Moxie indicator is changed in the same menu. Using the color pallet, click on the color you want to replace the green or red part of Moxie. The opacity of the Moxie lines (stair steps) may also be changed with the slider.

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