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Live Room - Messages and Muting
Live Room - Messages and Muting

Control the messages you see and get while in the live room.

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Messages and Muting

While logged into a live room and listening to a presenter, you may wish to customize the way you see and receive messages and pop-ups from other members.

1 - Mod Only and Don't Disturb

In the space between the alert and chat sections of the live room, find the settings gear wheel and click on it.

The settings for the live chat will appear.

Checking the Mod Only checkbox will hide any chat except from Simpler moderators.

Checking the Don't Disturb checkbox will prevent popup and alert sounds from private messages and mentions to you from other members.

2 - Muting

If you only wish to ignore messages from a particular member who is also currently logged in the chat, double click on their name in the chat. The User Info window will display. From there you may click on the Ignore / Mute member button.

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