Trading View - Setting Market Hours

Choose regular or extended trading hours from chart settings.

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Setting regular or extended trading hours

Most study tools like the Squeeze or Quant Pivots will only take into account the data you give them. So, if you want... or don't want... an indicator to account for particular market hours, then you need to set the chart accordingly.

For Trading View, you will need to set the chart to Regular Trading Hours or Extended Trading Hours in the settings.

To find Settings in TV go to:

Settings > Symbol > Session.

STEP 1 - Right click on the chart:

A drop-down menu will appear.

Left-click on Settings.

STEP 2 - Symbol > Session drop-down

You may need to scroll down in the settings window to see the Session drop-down menu in the Symbol tab.

Left click on the Session drop-down menu.

Choose Regular Trading Hours.

Or, choose Extended Trading Hours.

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