JT Multi Trend


JT Trend labels show the current state of the trend.

The 8:13:21 label corresponds to the upper cloud. The Wave label corresponds to the current state of the lower cloud.

Upper cloud

The upper cloud indicates the relationship of the 8, 13 and 21 EMAs to one another.

For instance, if the 8, 13 and 21 EMAs are aligned bullish, then the upper JT Multi Trend cloud will be green. If aligned bearish, then red. If there is clear alignment of all 3 EMAs, then the upper cloud is neutral yellow.

Lower cloud

The lower cloud represents the trend relative to the 34 EMA Wave study (GRaB Wave).

An overlay of the 21 EMA (represented by the white dotted line) and it's relationship to the 34 EMA GRaB/Wave study approximates the state of the lower cloud.

When the 21 EMA is above the GRaB Wave, the cloud is green. When below, the cloud is red. If the 21 EMA is meandering inside the Wave, the cloud is neutral yellow.

The blue / cyan line at towards the top of the JT Multi Trend is inserted for display purposes only and serves no other function. JT Multi Trend is one of a number of studies used by Raghee for her live trading.

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