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About - Micro Voodoo Lines
About - Micro Voodoo Lines

David Starr's Voodoo lines for intraday and small timeframe charts.

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Micro Voodoo Lines

Users of the classic Voodoo Lines indicator will be familiar with Micro Voodoo Lines. The primary difference is that Micro Voodoo Lines is designed for intraday trading and to be watched on smaller-timeframe charts.

Micro Voodoo Lines is based upon more recent market patterns than the classic Voodoo Lines. Smaller-degree patterns lead to lines which are closer together and particularly well-suited for short-term trading. For more on classic Voodoo Lines, click HERE.

Two versions of Micro Voodoo Lines

  • Micro Voodoo Lines

  • Micro Voodoo Lines Alternate

Both versions of the study will have the same symbols available. For purchaser's, the indicator's download page HERE will have information about which symbols are included and will show a subjective determination about which set of levels is currently preferred per ticker similar to the table below.

It is not recommended to put both indicators on the same chart at the same time.

Line colors and importance

Users of the classic Voodoo Lines indicator will already be familiar with the colored, horizontal lines displayed by Micro Voodoo Lines listed below in the order of relative importance:

• Red micro - Firelines;

• Green micro - Treeline

• White micro Snowlines

• Lilac micro - Skylines.


As with classic Voodoo, the Micro Voodoo Lines updates will be released on a regular basis and found on the Micro Voodoo download page for TOS users or automatically updated upon restart or refresh in other platforms.


Micro levels are useful for a trader to know because of the systematic way that price seems to move from level to level. Generally, prices will make more important swings at more important levels and smaller swings at less important levels.

A more in-depth discussion on Micro Voodoo is found in the supporting documentation section of the indicator's download page.

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About - Voodoo Lines

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