Customized templates can be made in our Simple Sign editor in order to optimize your contracts and working routines. In this article we will go through the basics of using templates once they have been made.

1. Templates can be made, changed and accessed through the menu on the left side.

2. Please note that this view is only in edit mode and you will not be able to send your templates from here. You will be able to update and approve your templates from this view. Observe that the "Ready" button needs to be activated in order for the template to appear in signing mode.

Send Document With Your Templates

1. Once your template is ready and approved go to "Send New" and choose "Select Template". All your approved templates will appear and you are now able to choose which one you would like to use.

2. Now you are ready to fill in the required information by going to "Details" on the right side of your document. Tip! Information can be filled in directly in the template but this way you will save a lot of time and have a clear view of what information you have filled in.

3. You are now ready to fill in the recipient information and send your document! Only fields required are name and e-mail but note how the information has automatically been updated with the recipients name in the template!

If the other fields in the recipient field has been added in your template you can fill them in from here and it will automatically be populated in your template. Awesome, right?

Once you are done, press "Send Document".

If wanting to learn more about how to build your templates, click on the button down below.

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