In our ever-evolving digital age, paperwork is becoming a thing of the past. Businesses are favouring e-signing as it is the most efficient and beneficial way of sending and signing contracts. 

This article will lay out the numerous benefits you will find when you turn to e-signing. 

Quick and Easy

Often you may need to send a contract to be signed to another city or overseas. This process requires you to write the contract, send by e-mail, or print and send by physical mail. When the recipient receives the contract, they may have to print, sign, scan, and e-mail/post the contract. This process can be lengthy and many problems can arise. You could be waiting for your signed document for weeks. 

With e-signing, the process is quick and simple. All that is required is for you to create your contract, send it and have your recipient sign it. The process only takes a few minutes.  No more following up with e-mails and phone calls and no more standing in line for the printer!


E-signing is 100% legal and Simple Sign's platform has a high level of security. Paper documents are not secure; confidential documents may be seen by others, tampered with, or lost. When you use Simple Sign, security software protects your documents so they are highly secure. You will be alerted if anything has been tampered with and you will be updated if anybody changes your documents. You will also receive information about when and where the documents were changed. This high amount of security has practically eliminated fraudulent activity and means that e-signing is incredibly secure. 

Cuts Costs

Think about how much paper you use per day when you have to print documents to be signed and sent. How many ink cartridges do you go through in a year? How much money has been spent on storage for the endless stacks of paperwork? With e-signing, there is no need for printing, scanning, posting or storage desks. There is no need to spend money on postage or printer repairs. All contracts are securely stored on your account on Simple Sign and when a contract is signed and sent, you will receive a copy of the contract in your e-mail.  Saving time = saving money.

Increased Sales

When purchasing, customers like to save as much time and effort as possible. The quicker they can complete the transaction the better. E-signing reduces time and effort and therefore, more choose this option. By switching to e-signing, you will be able to process more transactions in a day and through recommendations, you will receive more customers that are excited about a fast and simple solution. 

Environmentally Friendly

In recent years, humanity has become more aware about the impact they are having on the world. When you use pen and paper, you are using the earth's resources. Both water and wood is used to make paper, leading to water waste and deforestation. We fell a huge amount of trees a year just for business paper, which often goes to waste and trees are not planted in their place. E-signing provides an eco-friendly solution. It is a great way to do your bit for the environment. 

These are all of the benefits that people have found when switching to e-signing. We are sure you will find more benefits whilst using the platform, including the benefits that Simple Sign itself offers. 

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