Curious on what it looks like when the recipient receives your document? This article will walk you through the different signing methods from the recipients perspective.

We will go through the following steps:

1. Invitation through e-mail.

2. Recipient Viewing.

3. Recipient Signing.

4. Verification.

1. Invitation Through E-mail

Once you have clicked "Send Document" your recipient will receive an e-mail inviting them to sign your contract. Your company logo, contact information and document type will show as well as a "View Rental Agreement" for the recipient to click on.

2. Recipient Viewing

When viewing the document recipient will be able to see activity, attached files as well as a green arrow that will guide through what needs to be done in the document. Note! If you have activated the Document Chat, your recipient will also be able to contact you directly in the document in case of any questions.

3. Recipient Signing

When the information asked for has been completed, the recipient will be able to sign and certify the document at the end.

4. Verification

Once all participants have signed the document, the recipient as well as the sender will receive a sealed copy with a "Verification".

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