Yes, our platform is extremely secure! 

People are hyper aware that not all information on the internet is secure and therefore, could be weary of using e-signing platforms. At Simple Sign, we have combined software, staff, and reliable servers to ensure that all users and their contracts are protected. 

Our platform is safe, reliable, and protects your privacy at all costs.

Our Software

TLS encryption is one of the most widely used security measures across the web. It is used to protect sensitive information as it travels across the internet. TLS encryption is vital for all websites as it protects privacy and supplies security for you and your client. TLS is particularly popular amongst online commerce, banking, and communication businesses, who deal with sensitive and confidential information on a day-to-day basis.

TLS provides a connection between two computers that is secure. This ensures that identity and private details cannot be stolen online. With this, all details sent between these two devices are safe. 

Our Team

At Simple Sign, we have worked to build an experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated team of experts who work around the clock to ensure our platform is secure. They work in the background to provide safety, privacy, and security for you and your recipients. Our experts are contractually obliged to protect the confidentiality of our client, and they are trained in data protection and the most advanced recent security procedures. They take their jobs incredibly seriously so that your privacy is not compromised. 


 At Simple Sign, we have ensured that we are using the most reliable web hosting that is possible. This ensures that our server is up 99.98% of uptime 365 days of the year. Our connection is incredibly speedy and means that you can manage your documents easily, and allows for TLS encryption to run with no issues so that you always have access,  alongside the highest level of security. Your documents do get stored on our server BUT we have security that prevents them from being altered and/or corrupted. 

Google Cloud Security

At Simple Sign, we use Google Cloud, which is a highly secure platform. Google have perfected their technology through years of experience. The Cloud has layered security protection which ensures that all data is safe.


Our software, our team, our reliability and Google's security mean that Simple Sign is a secure platform for you to send and store important and confidential documents. We can guarantee a high level of confidentiality and privacy in your usage of our platform. 

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