You can choose between several signing methods when sending your contracts. This article will walk you through the different options.

Invitation Methods

1. To adjust your settings, scroll down in the Recipient field and an "Invitation Through" box will appear. Your options will be available in a drop list.

E-mail/SMS: Recipients will be able to sign the document on any supported electrical device such as computers, smart phones and tablets.

In-Meeting: Recipient is present on site and will be able to sign the document directly on your device.

Signing Method

2. The "Authentication" box will appear "Invitation Through" and here you are able to choose the preferred signing method.

Attest: Document will be sent to recipient that will be able to attest/certify the document.

E-Signature: Recipient will be able to confirm and sign the document directly on their device.

E-sign & SMS Pin: If you want your recipient to sign the document with an extra security measure, this method will allow the recipient to open the document and in order to sign the recipient must provide the SMS Code that has been sent to their mobile device.

Bank-ID: Advanced e-signing method that will allow the recipient to sign with their personal Bank-ID.

Read Only: If having multiple recipients or simply just want to send a document for the recipient to read and not sign, Read Only is the perfect option.

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