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Benefits of Simple Sign
Benefits of Simple Sign

What Benefits You Will Receive By Using Simple Sign

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Here, you can find out the benefits of using Simple Sign as your chosen electronic signature platform. So keep reading to see the list below!

Close More Deals

As our e-signing platform allows you to send and sign contracts in minutes, you can get a contract signed without waiting around. This means that you can move on to the next deal or customer right away or even whilst you are on call to somebody else. This promotes efficiency and better results for your business. 

Smart Tracking

Our platform allows for you to track your sent contracts in real time. You can see when your recipient has opened your e-mail, signed the contract, and other such progress. This allows you to understand the interactions between your recipient and the contract so there is no following up to make sure recipients have received contracts, etc. 

Smart Reminders

If, for some reason, your recipient has not yet signed or opened your contract, you can send smart reminders on our platform. Simple Sign will send text messages or e-mails to your recipients in a professional and friendly manner so that we are not bothering them but they know the contract needs to be looked at. This helps increase your conversions. 

API Integrations

We have powerful API which you can integrate into any system at any time. This will help improve your existing environment with Simple Sign's electronic signatures.

Security and Signatures

You can choose the way your contracts are signed, it is entirely up to you! You can request an electronic signature, bank ID, secure PIN and more from your recipients. You can set the security level how you want in order to prioritise for your contract. 

All Documents in One Place

Simple Sign has an incredibly safe platform. All of your documents and information are safely stored in your Simple Sign account. You can use, search, and edit these documents with ease, using your Simple Sign dashboard. 

Whilst using Simple Sign, you may find other benefits. Our benefits are ever-increasing as we add new features and optimise the perfect platform for you. 

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