Document fields are elements that you can create in the form of text fields, drop list, checkboxes and date pickers. These fields can easily be added to your documents and the metadata can be synchronized among other software and services.

In this article we will go through the two steps of creating and using your customized Document Fields.

About Document Fields

There are four main types of document fields: Text, Checkbox, Drop list, Date picker.

Before adding them to your document you create new document fields in the 'Document fields' tab in settings. Then, when you're in a document you add them by selecting the corresponding element from the toolbar and selecting the document fields you already created from a drop list.

Now that we have a basic overview down, let's get into some more detail.

Create New Document Fields

1. Open the Menu Bar to the left -> Go to "Settings" and choose the option "Document Fields".

2. In order to add your document field, choose "Add Document Field".

3. First step is to give your Document Field a name. This will be the displayed information when choosing the Document Field in your documents or templates.

4. Now select what type of field you are adding. If wanting to add a droplist, select "Multiple Choice", for date related information choose "Date Picker" and for a specific type of information we recommend to go for option "Text".

5. Now decide if the field should be mandatory. Mandatory fields require the recipient to fill out this field when receiving the document.

6. Write a description. This information will appear when the user hover the mouse over the small "i" next to the field as a description of what sort of information that needs to be filled in.

7) Now press 'Add field' and your newly created Document Field is ready to be used!

Note: You can always edit or delete the field later by clicking on the small pencil or x buttons next to the field on the document fields page.

Add to Document

Now, when you are in a document and wish to add a field you have already created, this is how you do it.

1. Click inside the document to open the toolbar. Now select the element that corresponds with the document type you have created. Example: If you have created a drop list, then your document field will be found under the "Drop List" option.

2. Once your Document Field has been added, click on the field to access settings such as requirement, design and who this field belongs to. Tip! More settings can be found under "View More".

6. If you have selected "Sender", then you will be able to fill in this field from the editor yourself. Either click on the field directly within the editor OR edit it from the 'Details' tab on the right-hand side. Tip! We recommend you to fill in your information under "Details" in order to save time.

This right hand panel is useful if you want to have templates shared between various employees at your company, but do not want them to edit the main details of the contract itself. Simply set up a document field so that employees only edit the document fields on the right.

API and Third-Party CRMs

Use our API to get document field information and edit document fields from outside the website.

Also, if you already are using a third-party CRM for managing document and/or contact information you can setup your CRM to draw information from or put information into your Simple Sign documents using our Document fields add-on.

Setting either the API or an external CRM integration up with document fields requires personalized help from our staff, so if you are interested please contact us to learn more.

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