Did you know that you can add multiple recipients when you send your documents and decide in which order each recipient should receive it? This article walk you through how you do it.

1. When the document has been filled in and you are ready to add your recipients, look at the recipient field to the right of the document. Click "Add new recipient".

2. Now specify the order which your recipients are to receive the document. Number one is set by default and this is where you can make your desired changes.

3. Add information about your recipients.

These settings mean that Mary receives the document for signing first and when she has completed the set task, Sally will receive the document. Note! Each recipient will receive a confirmation and copy of the document once everyone involved has signed.

4. You can add multiple recipients to your document with different orders. If you want two recipients to receive the document at the same time, just leave number one on these two and click in the recipient who receives the other documents.

Read more about how to add multiple signature boxes by clicking the button below.

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