How to add a contract to a contract card

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With the counterparty app, you can see who or who are the counterparty(s) for the contract card.

To add a counterparty, click on the plus icon or search for the contact in the search box.

When you search, you get all contacts from the address book in SimpleSign. The address book is a register of companies and people that you can manually update, but which is also updated automatically when you send documents with e-signature, because all recipients *are saved in the address book.

When you click on a contact in the contract card, a detailed view appears on the right. This contact information can also be found under your address book (people).

Here you can:

  • View and update contact information (both personal and company information).

  • View and write internal comments about the contact.

  • Quick menu to send a new agreement (for e-signing) to the person.

* It can be deactivated so that no recipients are saved in the address book.


  • You always have access to the agreement's contact persons, regardless of who created the agreement.

  • It will be easier for you to contact the counterparties in the agreement (e.g. the supplier) when it is time to cancel, renegotiate or ask questions.

  • You get access to potentially important information if your colleagues write something about a contact person.

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