How automatic reminders work in Contract Control

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If you have permission, you can decide which reminder structure your contracts should use. Choose how many reminders should be sent before an important contractual event, so-called reminder interval. A reminder interval means that the system sends out several reminders before the contractual event occurs.

Reminder of

Reminders are sent before the following contractual events:

  • Before it expires

  • Automatic renewal

  • Last notice of termination

Send to

Then you choose which users within the company should receive the reminder;

  • Everyone who is responsible for the contract

  • Anyone who is responsible for the contract but has a specific role set up (via the Groups and permissions function)

  • Everyone who has access to the contract card in SimpleSign.

Reminder interval

Here you check whether you should get

  • A reminder on the same day the event occurs

  • A reminder the day before the contractual event occurs

  • A reminder one week before the contractual event occurs

  • A reminder customized for x days before the contractual event occurs


  • Without reminders, you risk missing an important contractual event, which can lead to unwanted costs.

  • SimpleSign monitors the important contractual events so that you do not need to create your own routines for this handling. This saves time while giving you peace of mind.

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