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How to use Search and filters in Contract Control

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Contract Control offers a search function with support for various filters. Since your contract cards can contain attributes (fields/metadata), you can more easily search for a contract card based on this information.

In addition to search functions, you can filter on:

Display only active or inactive contracts.

Agreement types
(e.g. Supplier agreement, Customer agreement, Employment agreement)

Contract categories:

(e.g. Computer and accessories, Rentals, Software, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö)

Agreement event within 60 days

Choose to display all agreement cards that expire or automatically renew within 60 days

Advanced filter

With advanced filter you can create unique filters in different combinations.

As you can see in the image below, you can choose to filter on one or more attributes and choose whether the value (the content of the attribute) should be equal to: is, is not, starts with, ends with or contains.

You can also create filter combinations for deeper filtering.


  1. You can find your contract cards without any hassle

  2. You can easily produce lists based on important filters. Ex. a list of your most expensive contract cards within a certain category.

  3. By seeing which agreements are missing documents, you can supplement or act on this information.

  4. With advanced filters, you can get specific information that would otherwise be very time-consuming.

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