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How period & renewals work on contract cards

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Period and renewal is one of the most important *apps within Contract Monitoring because here you enter the contract periods for your contract.

Start date

When the contract period starts

Contract length

How long the contract period runs (x months or continuously).

Cancellation period

If there is a cancellation period on a contract.

Automatic renewal

If the agreement is automatically renewed. If not, the contract is automatically terminated when the contract length is exceeded.

If the contract is automatically renewed, you can choose whether the length of the contract and the terms of termination are changed upon renewal.

Based on the term of the Agreement, SimpleSign will:

  • Create structured reminders to the right person at the right time.

  • Automatically activate and deactivate agreements (When they start to apply or when they expire).

* App is a module in the Agreement monitoring that can be activated/deactivated. The contract monitoring has several apps and you can choose which apps are to be displayed for each contract type. For example, Period and renewal is an app that is basically always needed. But e.g. app: Revenue is not relevant for contract types that have no revenue, e.g. Supplier agreement.


  • You don't need to monitor your contracts manually

  • You get a clear picture of how your agreements are running

  • You eliminate manual work otherwise required to maintain contract dates, saving time and minimizing the risk of human error.

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