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How to track income from your contract cards

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Track Revenue is an optional app to track the earnings associated with a contract card.

Usually the app is used to track income for e.g. Customer agreement.


Here you enter the amount for the income and which currency the amount refers to.

Payment period

Here you specify the period for which the income you entered refers to.

Ex. an income of SEK 24,000 and a payment period of 12 months corresponds

SEK 2,000 per month.

SimpleSign will use the revenue during the statistics. There you can see the income of the contract cards over time. The monthly income (average income per month) can also be displayed as a column in the list view of your contract cards.


  • You can more easily reconcile so that the actual income corresponds to the agreed income.

  • It will be easier to see which contract cards and contract categories are most valuable.

  • You get ready statistics to present internally.

  • If your company works with MRR (monthly recurring revenue), you can quickly obtain this key figure.

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