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How to add activities to contract cards

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You can add one or more activities to an agreement card and assign who or which users internally are responsible for the activity. The user or group responsible for the activity will automatically receive reminders to complete the activity on time.


State what the activity includes. Ex. renegotiate a contract with a supplier.

Due date

Enter the deadline for completing the activity.


Choose who or who are responsible for carrying out the activity. You can choose a user or a group (from the groups you created in the function: Groups & permissions).

The activity appears on the timeline in the agreement card. Each activity is “checked off” to show that it has been completed.

Uncompleted activities are displayed under the tab: Important dates, which can be found on the agreement card.

On the Dashboard (SimpleSign's front page) you can activate the app: Activities & Reminders. All the unfinished activities on the agreement cards that you have access to are listed there. Here you can see if any activity is upcoming or due together with who is assigned to the activity.

By clicking on the description, you are linked to the agreement card.


  • You have one and the same place for contract-related activities.

  • It will be easy for you to create and delegate information about your agreements.

  • Your company gets a common picture of who is responsible for the various activities of the agreements. Which minimizes misunderstandings and unnecessary emails/calls.

  • Fewer contract-related tasks fall through the cracks.

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