Upload contracts in bulk

How to create multiple contract cards at the same time

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Instead of registering your contracts one by one, you can upload contracts in bulk (several at the same time).

The information about your agreements needs to be in an excel list (CSV format). Each line in the list must contain contract information, such as: start date, contract name, etc.

First, you choose which agreement type the agreements should belong to. This means that you need one excel file per contract type because each contract type contains different apps and information.

Select contract type and then click on select CSV.

Once you have uploaded your Excel file, you must specify what each column in the file refers to.

Each row will correspond to a deal card.


  • You save precious time by bringing up your old agreements in no time.

  • You get started faster.

  • You minimize the risk of wrong entries because your old agreements are loaded automatically.

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