Add documents to your Contract cards

How to upload or link a document to a contract card

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Each contract card can contain one or more documents. This is one of the advantages of using contract cards and not just a document archive, because you can now collect all documents related to an contract in one and the same place. The supported file formats are word, excel and pdf.

You can choose to upload one or more files documents at the same time.

When you upload a document to a contract card, it will automatically be available and searchable in your document archive with the status: uploaded.

If you already have a document in SimpleSign's document archive, you can instead search for the document and link it to the contract card.

Each linked document appears on the timeline.

If you click on the document, you will get more information. Here you see the detailed document view.

Saved in the folder

Which folder the document is saved in (you can save documents in folders, the folders are under the tab: Documents - list view folders).

Document type

What document type the file has

Linked to

Here it shows that the file is linked to the contract card you are in. Since the same view is also shown in the Documents tab (the document archive), you can go from the document page to the contract card.

Get shareable link

If you want to share the document externally, you can get a shareable link. First you need to change from is private to is public

Due date

If you send the document for e-signature, the e-signature due date is shown here.

Add searchable tag

Here you enter one or more searchable tags. This makes it easier for you to search for the document in the future.

Document thumbnail

Click on the image to read the document in fullscreen.

The icons from left to right

Letter icon

If the document is out for signature, you can send a reminder.

Circle arrow icon

You can reuse the document to send it out for e-signing

Pilner icon

Download as PDF

Three dots icon

More settings

Arrow right - icon

Closes the right panel

Under More settings you will find the following options:

Full Screen: Displays the document in full screen.

Link: Shows which contract card the document is linked to.

Internal Reminder: Function to set a reminder to yourself. The reminder is sent out via e-mail on the scheduled date.

Edit the document: Function to edit documents that you sent out with signature.

Index data: Here you can read the document's index data. The index data contains all metadata (attributes and values) about the document.

Trash: Here you delete the document

When you search for your contract cards, you can clearly see whether a contract card has or lacks a document (attachment). If there is a document, a paper clip is displayed next to the agreement name.


  • You can quickly see which contract cards are missing documents.

  • One and the same place to dive deep into contractual terms, etc.

  • Order and order.

  • You can collect several documents for one and the same contract card. So all contract-related documents are in one place.

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