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How to automatically create a contract card from a signed document

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In SimpleSign you can send documents for esignature.

You can set so that a document sent out for e-signing automatically generates an agreement card when the signing process is complete. To do this, activate the function under the tab: Details in connection with sending out the document for signature.

When the contract card is generated, the information from the assigned document will be transferred to the contract card.

  • The metadata (data from the fields in the document) are entered in matching fields on the agreement card.

  • The assigned document is attached.

  • The recipients in the signature process are added as contacts.

  • The sender (user) is added as the contract owner

  • The document type becomes the contract type.

  • The document number becomes the agreement number.


  • One and the same platform for contract monitoring and electronic signing.

  • You don't need an island of platforms to manage your documents.

  • By having both e-signing and contract monitoring in one and the same place, you can become completely digital.

  • Easy to renew or cancel your contracts by sending cancellations via e-signing.

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