User permissions for Contract Control

How to edit user permissions for Contract Control

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You can divide your users into groups (e.g. HR, Admin, Sälj, Stockholm, Gothenburg) and thus delegate activities and access to your contract cards in a simpler way.

Each user can belong to one or more groups and have different permissions within each group.

An authorization can e.g. give a user the ability to edit the contract cards within a contract type or, conversely, limit the ability to view and/or edit.

Create roles with different authorization levels within contract cards

Add a user to a group, give the user a role. Within the group, you can then choose which contract types are to be shared with the users within the group.

Because each user can have unique roles, the role's permissions (as above) determine what the user can do with the deal cards shared to the group.


  • You can more quickly distribute access to contract cards through groups, because you don't have to do it on an individual level.

  • You can set who can see what, so that the wrong people don't get access to sensitive information.

  • Restrict permissions so that no user deletes an agreement card by mistake.

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