Choosing to set preferences on your account is the best way to ensure that you receive dishes that you are going to love.

To access your preferences page you can click on 'Membership Settings' in the menu on the top right hand side of the homepage - or via the link below. 

Here you can set dietary preferences such as 'Vegetarian', 'Lower Calorie' or 'No Fish'.

You are also able to mark certain allergy requirements such as 'Gluten', 'Milk' or 'Eggs' as well as select your preferred 'heat level'.

Additionally, you can 'Browse Recipes' which is also found in your drop down menu on the right hand side of the homepage. Here you can hover or tap on specific recipes and mark them as Love, Try or Bin

❤️ Love: Marks dishes as a favourite so you can keep track of the dishes you love!

Try: Marks dishes you would like to receive. 

🗑️ Bin: Selects dishes you never want to receive. (You can still add them manually if you edit your box.)

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