With our kits, as you add the fresh ingredients you can always adapt the recipes to suit a dietary requirement, allergy or intolerance. So whether SimplyCook is suitable for you depends on the ingredients in our little pots of big flavour! 

If you have a gluten intolerance we have a gluten free range that you can opt for.

For nut allergies, all of our kits are made in a nut free factory and are completely safe! Please see our article on nut allergies for more info!

Online, we state the main allergens for the kit. So if you have an allergy or intolerance to milk, shellfish, eggs, fish, soya, celery, mustard, sesame or sulphites it'll say online if a kit contains these so you know which kits are suitable. We'll also say if the kits contain meat in the pots. 

For other allergies and intolerances such as to garlic, onions or capsicums please email hello@simplycook.com and we'll be able to let you know which kits are suitable. (However please be warned that we LOVE garlic so there'll be a little bit in most of our kits!). 

Once you know which kits are suitable, you can either set up your 'Food Preferences' to mark any unsuitable dishes as 'Bin' so that you don't receive them or you can edit your boxes to avoid them each time. To change the trial box, pop us an email when you're signing up and we can make sure it's suitable for you.

Find everything you were looking for? Email us at hello@simplycook.com

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